Pen Incest Publication Launch

Curated by Samir Nahas, Dana Nechmad

Instantaneity and impulsive communication have become part of our quotidian. We would like to challenge the speed of a conversation by returning to the pace of a postcard, a physical delivery.


Pen Incest publication takes the shape of an itinerant sketchbook that offers a playful creative platform. One could see this project as a curated exquisite corpse, where every artist contributes to a constantly evolving visual conversation. The nomadic object enables delayed chats and thickens over the course of added responses, shouted or murmured.


With two central themes “Failed Masquerade” and “Shared Loneliness”, we invited 24 Chicago based artists to take part in this edition.


Artists participating in Shared Loneliness:

Gibran Mevlana Flanders

Jaclyn Mednicov

Melissa Leandro

Lou Mallozzi

Kamau A. Patton

Anna Wolfe Pauly

Elizabeth Moylan

Efrat Hakimi

Óscar I González Díaz

Thomas Rainey Moore

Rohan Ayinde Smith

Nelly Agassi

Jan Tichy


Artists participating in Failed Masquerade:

Claire Ashley

Minami Kobayashi

Kelly Kaczynski

Assaf Evron

Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen

Ed Oh

Theo Chin

Willy Smart

David Heo

Solomon Salim Moore

David James Hall


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