Late for Dinner

Tamer Hassan

062 will be presenting Late for Dinner by Tamer Hassan. The screening will start at 7:00 PM at the parking lot of the Zhou B Art Center.

Late for Dinner (2019, 140 minutes) is composed of videos improvised in-camera. Each video records a present feeling, irregularities in psychic and physical states, and shifts in interest and attention. They record a language made in place and makes visible that process of discovery and decision making. In their combination, long rhythms resonate across the videos. I’m interested in how these various parts resonate differently for each viewer. In the context of the installation, people stay for different amounts of time and enter at different moments. The arrangement of theater seats at different vantage points in relation to the screen and to each other is meant to emphasize this; how each person's encounter with the work is its own singular experience.

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