Justice for comfort woman

Organized by 062 Gallery and 6018 NORTH

October 9 and October 16

Screening 영화 "김복동" / "My name is KIM Bok-dong" (2019, 101minutes)
| FREE and open to public |

A documentary covers the last 27 years of activism of Kim Bok-dong (1926-2019), a human rights and peace activist who was forced to provide sex to the imperial Japanese army.

Starting with her first public testimony given in 1992 at the inaugural Asian Solidarity Conference, Kim described the brutality she suffered at the hands of Japanese soldiers in publicizing the plight of the so-called comfort women. She inspired fellow victims from Taiwan and the Philippines to also share their experiences…

October 10, October 11, October 17, October 18

Conversational Dinner with Korean Food
Tickets are available online | Also available at the door | LIMITED FREE TICKETS also available upon request

(If you have any food allergies / dietary preferences please inform us as soon as possible)

The conversational dinner will cover topics regarding the theme “Justice for Comfort Woman”. The SAIC Korean Student Association - KSA students and Suyeon Lim will be leading the conversation, as well as serving Korean food.

On October 11 and 12, we will be discussing censorship at the あいちトリエンナーレ(Aichi Triennale). Are there room for political intervention? With the help of two artists and 정의기억연대 The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance, Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Eun-sung, and KAN-WIN, we will be installing the sculptures that were removed at the あいちトリエンナーレ(Aichi Triennale) at the garden of the Justice Hotel.

On October 17 and 18, we invited two members from The Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (Korean Council), to talk about the history and what is happening now.

For each dinner, the menu will be 6 authentic vegetable side dishes served will rice. The side dishes will consist of seasoned beansprouts, bracken, carrots, spinach, fresh herbs and zucchini. A Korean paste called “Gochujang” will be provided for the guests so they can freely design their own “Bibimbop”, which is a traditional Korean dish of rice mixed with vegetables. There will be approximately 5-6 staff members that will be prepared to discuss the theme and serve the food.

October 12 and October 19

Sound / Performance
| FREE and open to public |

Performing as Remembering and Politicizing

Ada Cheng, a storyteller and a storytelling show producer, will perform a survivor's story, followed with a facilitated dialogue on performing survivors' stories and its artistic, political, ethical, and moral implications



Seongbae An 

Annie Hyeri Park

Sheen Ro


Assistant Curators:

Jeein Kim

Eun Kyung Son

Younwu Lee

Sarah Lee

Jeeah Lee

Chae Eun Lee

Dong A Im

Miryeong Cho

Minkyoung Jeong

Sungmin Hong

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