I Lied to My Mom.



Tell lie.

Feel guilty.




Can you see the person?

Or do you see “mom”?


Growing up with parents that have a deep roots in eastern culture, there is a model minority mentality that is engrained into our mother’s minds. Facing systematic oppression from our society and from our culture the need to lie in order to seek approval is ever existent.



Spencer & Angie fall 2017

Artist Biography


Spencer Ahn (RISD ID ’16) is a multi-disciplinary designer and fine artist whose main focus is fashion design and UX design. He believes that every object whether it is created for mass consumption or for the appreciation of a single person, should have purpose and consider the consumer. His work mainly focuses encompasses manipulation and exploration soft materials, embroidery and resin.



Born in 1994, Seoul, Korea, Angie Yoo Jin Kim was raised in Vancouver, Canada and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design. She is now based in Brooklyn as a textile artist/designer. Her passion for fine art textiles is her main driving force. The architecture of a woven structure, visual of a tactile texture, and interaction of colors in woven textile attract her to use it as her dominant material. Not only is she a fine artist, but also she is a successful textile designer in various fields; including high end apparel brand, Thom Browne, Japanese textile company, Katsu NY, and rug design firm, Rug and Kilim. Angie’s fine art pieces often relate to her design experience. Reoccurring themes in her collections are her personal philosophies of dual reality. She uses the double weaving technique as a tool to develop and communicate her philosophy to the audience.

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