Extraordinary within Ordinary

Most people view their daily lives as too ordinary. For them, the life—repetitive daily routine—is too tedious to appreciate every second, every moment. To break this platitude, something fresh and something new and exciting are constantly sought to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. However, sooner or later, whatever was once new
and exciting and extraordinary becomes ordinary and they again
turn to different sources of stimulation to go back to the state of extraordinary. This is in a way a never-ending treadwheel.


However, there is an interesting aspect to ordinary moments that most people overlook. We can never be in the same moment again however ordinary they seem. Let’s stop everything and look around this moment. The view at this one moment is composed of various shapes and color and even if it was the same street and the same background of one of the same days, the complexity and uniqueness cannot be replicated – It is the scene that can only be seen at that moment by me standing at that place. Weather, sunshine, cloud and wind, all these come together to affect the color of background and the posture of people adds more dynamic to the world that were “too ordinary” for most.


Ultimately, what is seen as new and special are not separate from ordinary elements in the life: ordinary and extraordinary are inseparable, like both sides of the same coin. I create my work to embody the beauty and appreciation of the moments that will never be met again. My depiction of the scene of daily life is meant to show what is considered too ordinary embraces precious moments which cannot be lived again and which should not be taken for granted.

Artist Biography


Artist Yongmin Cho was born on January 11th, 1986, in Seoul, Korea. He began his art practice when he was in middle school. His artistic talent started to be recognized shortly after by winning the city prize. He continued in earnest his art career by perusing his education in Seoul National University of science and technology in South Korea from 2007, with metal smiting concentration. In 2012, he moved to Chicago and began to study fine art (painting) in The School of Art Institute of Chicago. Through his years at SAIC, he was inspired by many artists at AIC who depicted daily life with their unique style such as Edward hopper, David Hockney, Alex Katz, and Edouard Vuillard. He began to develop his personal style, creating representational paintings that showed the influence of those artists. Starting his first group show with Conception Art Group in June 2017 in Chicago, he continues his public appearance throughout the year. In September 2017, he got selected for Grand Rapids ArtPrize in Michigan and is also having a solo exhibition in Chicago.
He also has finalized his participation on Las Vegas Art Expo in January 2018.

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