Backyard Stories

Participating artists:

Decheng Cui, Shelly Feng, Vesper Guo, Vesper Jia, Jamie Kang, Ziyi Rao, Zhong Ren, Boru Sun, Junyi Sun, Quentin Yang, Kio Zhu, and Li Zhu.

Backyard Stories, the second biennial of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, is a cross-media, interpersonal dialogue. The exhibition explores the interconnectivity and orientation between consciousness, people, object, space, technology and medium. The complex structure exploits the metaphor of a traditional townhouse, including its front yard, interior, and backyard, in relation with how people shoulder multiple identities in contemporary society. What is left in our private sphere? Why and for whom we hide or reveal our most intimate, vulnerable, and precious stories? This exhibition invites visitors to enter the backyard space of 12 artists. Through the language and gesture of different media, artists present their own narration and interpretation.               

This exhibition is curated by Selena Zhao and Ashley Wang.


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